Land for sale in Ubud Bali, Wonderful view in Ubud Payangan – TJUB360

This interesting 1.200 m2 land for sale in Ubud Bali is one of the most spectacular land for sale in Bali, an amazing Property for sale in Bali land. Presenting Exceptional rice fields view this Amazing block of land in Ubud is one of our featured land sale in Ubud Bali listed on our Ubud property listings. Strategically situated in Begawan, Ubud Payangan Bali, this Magnificent rice fields view  land in Ubud Bali for sale is suitable for private house or commercial villa. Very Reasonable land price USD 235 / sqm which considered very cheap compared to other Ubud land for sale this Amazing land in Bali for sale in Ubud is a Golden opportunity for Property investment in Bali too. Bellow are the specs and the features of this inexpensive Astonishing LAND FOR SALE IN UBUD BALI

Land for sale in Ubud Bali, Wonderful view in Ubud Payangan – TJUB360

Land for sale in Ubud Bali, Wonderful view in Ubud Payangan – TJUB360

Astonishing LAND FOR SALE IN BALI, rice fields view in Ubud Payangan

This Beautiful 1.200 sqm land for sale in Bali is one our best offer of Astounding land in Ubud for sale featured on our listings of property for sale in Ubud Bali, one of the most Outstanding Property in Bali available for sale on current Bali property market.

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Listing Title  : Land for sale in Bali, Spectacular view in Ubud Payangan Bali

Property Code : TJUB360  –  Property Type  : Land for sale

Land location   :  Begawan, Ubud Payangan Bali

Land Size         :   12 Ares ( 1.200 m2 )

Land view / settings    :   Exotic Rice paddy View

Land Contour   :  Flat buildable  –  Condition  :  paddy fields

Land Shape      :  great 35 mtrs land frontage  –  Land Access  :  easy 4 mtr wide asphalt road access

Land Title         : Freehold (  Certificate of ownership )

Land Price        :  USD 235 / m2 ( USD 23.500 / are )

Total Price        :  USD 282.000

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Strategically situated in the heart of Bali island Ubud is well-known as the center of Bali Art and Culture, a must visit place if you wish to experience  the real Bali. Ubud is also very famous for its natural beauty that makes this island of Gods one of the most Wonderful island in the world. As one of Bali prestigious place of interest, Ubud offer a potential feature in Real Estate Development and Property investment.

As Ubud is our specialized Property area in Bali, we offer a wide selection of magnificent Land available for sale in and around Ubud area. Beautiful piece of Land with Fantastic terraced of Rice paddy view in Tegalalang, river side land with Outstanding cliff or valley view along the AyungRiver in Payangan, stunning panoramic mountain view or tropical forest / village jungle view land in Pejeng Tampaksiring and many options on inexpensive land available for sale in and near UbudCenter.

This extraordinary property in Bali, 1.200 m2 with Magnificent rice fields view land for sale in Ubud Bali  is one of our featured Bali land listings. Bali Real Property is a reliable real estate agent specialized in Exotic and affordable LAND FOR SALE IN UBUD