Land for sale in Canggu, Stunning view in Batu Bolong Bali – TJCG123

Land for sale in Canggu by Bali Real Property. This magnificent land for sale in Canggu Bali is one of the most astounding land for sale in Bali, a very interesting Property for sale in Canggu land. Featuring Exotic rice fields view this bravura block of land in Canggu is one of our featured land sale in Canggu Bali listed on our Canggu property listings. Conveniently situated in Batu Bolong, Batu Bolong Bali, this rice fields view Attractive land in Canggu Bali for sale is suitable for Private house, commercial villa / resort hotel. Very Reasonable USD 983 / sqm which considered very cheap compared to other Canggu land for sale this Fantastic land in Bali for sale in Canggu is a Golden opportunity for Property investment in Bali too. Bellow are the specs and the the features of this inexpensive Astonishing 1,400 m2 rice fields view LAND FOR SALE IN CANGGU

Land in Canggu for sale

Land in Canggu for sale

ExceptionalLand for sale in Canggu, rice fields view in Batu Bolong Bali

This Amazing 1,400 sqm land for sale in Bali is one our best offer of Exotic land in Canggu for sale featured on our listings of property for sale in Canggu Bali, one of the most fantastic Property in Bali available for sale on current Bali property market.

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Listing Title  : Land for sale in Bali, Outstanding view in Batu Bolong Bali

Property Code : TJCG123  –  Property Type  : Land for sale

Land location   :  Batu Bolong, Batu Bolong Bali

Land Size         :   14 Ares ( 1,400 m2 )

Land view / settings    :   Exotic rice fields view

Land Contour   :  Flat buildable land  –  Condition  :  Dry land / garden

Land Shape      :  ideal 25 mtrs wide land frontage  –  Land Access  :  5 mtrs wide road access

Land Title         : Freehold (  Certificate of ownership )

Land Price        :  USD 983 / m2 ( USD 98,333 / are )

Total Price        :  USD 1,376,667

Bellow are some features that make this Extraordinary rice fields view property for sale in Canggu one of the most Interesting Property for sale in Bali

=> Ideal ideal 25 mtrs wide land frontage land shape with Fantastic Flat buildable land land contour and Easy 5 mtrs wide road access access to the site are some of the features offered by this Exotic rice fields view land for sale in Bali

=> Featuring Amazing rice fields view this 1,400 m2 of Extraordinary land in Canggu Bali for sale will give you a strong impression of “ Back to nature “ feeling that will refresh your mind and soul every time you visit this Astounding  Canggu land for sale

=> As Canggu is one of Bali places of interest, Basic infrastructures like Power-line and clean water supply are in place making it easy for feature development of this Beautiful rice fields view land sale in Bali, an Exotic spot for your dream property in Bali

=> Reasonable land price of USD 983 / sqm which is Relatively cheap compared to other land for sale in Canggu making this Astonishing 1,400 sqm land in Bali for sale a rarely found property in Bali for sale that will not stay very long on Bali property market, a promising opportunity for a profitable property investment in Bali

=> Strategically located in Batu Bolong, Batu Bolong, 3 minute drive to Batubolong and Echo Beach this Attractive Property in Canggu for sale is suitable for Private house, commercial villa / resort hotel

=> Freehold land title giving you a total freedom any time for any use of this Amazing Property  for sale in Canggu , one of the most Interesting property for sale in Bali

=>This Astonishing 1,400 sqm land for sale in Canggu Bali is situated in Fantastic and quiet area but not too remote where you can still enjoy an absolute privacy in cozy surrounding not very far from Canggu hot-spots, one of the most Outstanding property for sale in Canggu Bali.

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Eye-catching land for sale in Canggu for your Bali Property Dream

This Spectacular property for sale in Bali, 1,400 m2 LAND FOR SALE IN CANGGU Bali is proudly  offered by Bali Real Property, a group of honestly native, legally competent Bali property & real estate professionals specialized in impressive property and land for sale in Bali with honest and the most reasonable price.

Canggu is a very remarkable place in Bali. Bali most favorable place for world class surfers, Canggu offers a wide selection of International tourism accommodations ( hotels, villas, restaurants, etc ) and glorious night life yet perfect spot for the visitor to experience the Real Bali, the Exotic nature beauty, traditions, its unique culture in well-known charming society. You can still enjoy Stunning rice fields  / paddy view on the riverside in typically Balinese traditional settings. The perfect  peaceful escape from the over developed and bustling, even maniac areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

As one of our specialized area we offer wide selection of Eye-catching land in Canggu Bali for sale that suitable for private house, commercial villa or for your property investment in Bali that offer a quick beneficial return . Land for sale in Umalas Canggu, land for sale close to the beach or with ocean view in Brawa, Cemagi Mangening and Echo Beach, land for sale with Fantastic rice fields / paddy view or river side in Canggu Pererenan, Land sale in Canggu Good for villa in Canggu Tiying Tutul and Kayu Tulang, Batu Bolong, Peti Tenget and land in Canggu for sale near the prestigious Cunggu Club.

This Magnificent property in Bali for sale, rice fields view land in Batu Bolong is one of the most Amazing property in Canggu available for sale on current Bali Property market. If you think this Exotic 1,400 sqm land in Canggu Bali is perfect for your dream of Wonderful property in Bali please contact us and let us take you to the site of this Spectacular LAND FOR SALE IN CANGGU Bali

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